Bulletproof Mastermind

Join Craig, Pete, and a small number of growth-minded practice leaders committed to making their practices more profitable and easier to lead.

We will show you exactly how to grow your top-line revenue substantially. If you're running a six-figure practice, we will help you get to seven figures. If you're already running a seven-figure practice, we will help you get to eight.

Revenue growth is not our only goal, however. We will show you how to make your practice more profitable and easy to lead, so you can make more while working less, spend more time with your family, and design your ideal work life!

Bulletproof Hygiene

If it’s your desire to have a highly productive hygiene department that feeds into consistent restorative enrollment and exceptional patient care, look no further than the Bulletproof Hygiene Mastermind.

Brittany and Charissa, the highest producing hygienists in the nation, will take an interactive deep dive with your lead hygienist teaching them effective team and patient communication strategies, enrollment success, and time and organizational tricks that will take your hygiene department to the next level!

Erika Pusillo

Bulletproof Team for the Office Manager or Team Lead in your practice. Erika is Practice Optimizer for Spodak Dental Group and is passionate about leadership, personal and professional growth, and seeing others succeed.

A nationally recognized speaker and master at conflict resolution, practice profitability, and optimizing practice metrics, your team is sure to show tremendous growth with coaching from Erika!

From Mastermind graduate, posted to our Mighty Networks community:

Mastermind Testimonial

Doctor Mastermind

  • 2 Vacation Mastermind 2-day events for the Doctor - for example, Cabo in Fall event, snow skiing in Spring (you pay only travel & Lodging)
  • 12 (three-hour) deep dive monthly calls - take a deep dive into the Bulletproof Pathway curriculum (1 per month)
  • Once weekly one-hour 'Office Hours' calls run by CERTIFIED Bulletproof Coaches (bring your questions)
  • 2 one-hour Pathway to Fulfillment and Visioneering: Strategy and Execution coaching sessions
  • EXCLUSIVE webinars on Partnerships and Crypto featuring Dr. Peter Boulden
  • Two complimentary Summit passes
  • Complimentary access to the Bulletproof Dental Practice Course in Mighty Networks
  • Always-on access to an exclusive Mastermind Mighty Networks group for 24/7 crowdsourcing
  • Accountability and comradery from a group of like-minded individuals
  • 12 months of full immersion in the Bulletproof Pathway curriculum, including exclusive content in Mighty Networks, group calls, downloadable worksheets, and MORE
  • Graduate "Bulletproof Certified" with plaque from Pete & Craig
  • Vault of Documents - Employment agreements, doctor contracts, partnership agreements, DSO formations, etc.

Hygiene Mastermind

  • 12 one-hour monthly group coaching sessions for ONE Hygienist to align with Charissa & Brittany of Bulletproof Hygiene
  • Complimentary access to Bulletproof Hygiene Mastery Course in Mighty Networks
  • Exclusive access to Bulletproof Mighty Networks Hygiene Mastermind group for 24/7 crowdsourcing
  • Growth and collaboration with like-minded Hygienists
  • Opportunity for Mastermind member to shadow Charissa or Brittany for a day (travel and lodging not included)
  • Opportunity to engage in one-on-one coaching sessions with Charissa or Brittany (additional fees apply)

Team Mastermind

  • 12 one-hour monthly group coaching sessions for ONE business team member (Office Manager, Practice Optimizer, etc.) to align with Erika of Bulletproof Team
  • Exclusive access to private Mighty Networks Team Mastermind group for 24/7 crowdsourcing
  • Growth and collaboration with like-minded business team members
  • Opportunity for Mastermind member to shadow Erika for a day
  • Opportunity to engage in one-on-one coaching sessions with Erika (additional fees apply)

*Mastermind membership price for one doctor or stakeholder ONLY. Any additional doctors or stakeholders will need to purchase additional membership.

Mastermind monthly commitment

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